Primary Activities for the Society

As with equivalent organisations across Europe, the Irish Academy of Medical Sciences’ function is as a learned society and expert reference source for matters pertaining to the biomedical sciences and related areas.  Its primary objective is to improve the health of the population through an increased appreciation of the critical contribution of biomedical sciences and excellence in delivery of healthcare.  In this regard, IAMS focuses on the promotion of the value of the medical sciences to individuals, communities and societies generally. In furtherance of these aims it is focussed on:

  1. Production and publication of Position Papers on matters of key importance in and relevance to the Medical Sciences.
  2. Recognition and advancement of excellence in the area of biomedical research.
  3. Promotion of the importance of Medical Sciences research through holding of discussion meetings, lectures, conferences, colloquia, etc. around the discipline.
  4. Creating better public understanding and appreciation of the value of research in the Medical Sciences through engagement by the Academy in pertinent public comment and debate.  This will also be effected through communicating complicated Medical Sciences issues via public media in language which is accessible and amenable to non-professionals in the area.
  5. Provision of timely interventions/responses to topical issues of political/societal interest where a Medical Sciences perspective is warranted.
  6. Influencing and supporting political and government department decision makers in public policy formulation around complex issues of or related to Medical Science or Ethics through providing direct advice or production of commissioned works which set out the relevant scientific considerations and facts bearing on the area of policy focus.

Specifically the objectives of the Society are:

  • Promote for the benefit of society the purpose and value of medical sciences.
  • Promote excellence in research and in the teaching of medical sciences.
  • Promote the translation of research outcomes to the practice of medicine to the benefit and advancement of individual and collective health and welfare.
  • Promote public understanding of the medical sciences and their importance to and benefits for individuals and society generally.
  • Promote public policy maker understanding of the medical sciences and their importance to the knowledge economy and societal health and welfare.
  • Facilitate and inform the generation of public policy in the medical sciences on important national and international matters of health and welfare.
  • Assess issues of medical science which are or might be concern to the public and disseminate the results of such assessment.